what it means to skinny dip

Skinny dipping is an absolute blast of an activity, yes, but it means so much more than swimming naked. Skinny dipping is about being free to be exactly who you are, not being afraid to express yourself, wearing whatever makes you feel good and living life in a state of playfulness. You don’t need to do anything but be yourself to Skinny Dip.


Meet the maker


Morgan grew up in a small town in Indiana right outside of Cincinnati, OH always knowing she would do something creative. While and after focusing in photography in the DAAP program at the University of Cincinnati, Morgan made her mulla shooting weddings and eventually found herself bored with the repetitious nature of them. Flash forward to 2016, Morgan set out on an adventure to find a new place to call home. After two and a half months on the road, living out of a truck, she found herself calling Boise, ID home for about two and a half years. While in Boise, Morgan found passion in helping others build small businesses. This lead her and Brooke, a best friend, to create a flower cart business that was their own to build and learn from. From that point on, Morgan’s love of creation, business and change blossomed.



how skinny dip started

After starting the flower business Morgan found herself needing an outlet that was completely her own. She set out one day to create something, anything, to get her hands and mind moving. After going through her art supplies she found some polymer clay that her Mom had sent her in a care package a while back. Playing with the clay for some time, she started to make shapes she believed would make fun statement earrings. A trip to the craft store later, she made her earrings complete. She posted her creations to Instagram, as one does, and much to her surprise she had multiple friends reaching out to purchase the earrings. Thus birthed Skinny Dip Jewelry.